Link Shortener History

The History of Link Shortener

Let’s take a look at the history of URL Shorteners and find out when humanity decided to use link shorteners. Most of us (especially social media managers) are using link…

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The Social Media Image Size Guide For 2018

Using a short link is a definitely good idea when publishing posts on Social Media, you can shorten URL with our link shortener. But it’s also important to keep everything…

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how to track clicks on a link

How to track clicks on a link

There are several cases when it might be extremely useful to track clicks on a link. It can be connected to a marketing campaign or a social post or even…

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the best url shorteners of 2019

Best URL shorteners to generate short links in 2019

This article contains the best URL shorteners that will cope well with generating long URLs into short links, thus making your links more attractive to customers. 1. Feel free…

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10 marketing ideas using a url shortener

10 marketing ideas when to use a URL Shortener

At the first glance, the main reason for shortening long URLs into the short links is to save space. That’s right, but hold on, we would like to list all…

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how to shorten a URL

How to shorten a URL using a link shortener

How to shorten a URL – is a very hot topic nowadays. Sometimes the links that you want to share can become too long. That is bad because it would…

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7 reasons to shorten long urls into short links

Short links vs. long URLs – 7 reasons why to use a URL shortener

Today receiving and sharing information for Personal and Corporate needs becomes faster and more important than never ever before. Hence URL Shortener makes this process easier and better for everyone….

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