10 marketing ideas when to use a URL Shortener

10 marketing ideas using a url shortener

At the first glance, the main reason for shortening long URLs into the short links is to save space. That’s right, but hold on, we would like to list all 10 marketing ideas worth using a URL shortener:

1. Receive more brand recognition from the customized links you share on social media using URL Shortener

Shortening a long URL into a short link is a good idea, but when the link itself looks strange, many potential visitors must reject clicking on the page with an unknown extension.

For example, we converted the link from Wikipedia about ” how human-generated short URLs” ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/URL_shortening ) using the https://goo.gl/ URL Shortener and we received the following short link: https://goo.gl/zRkt83. True, the link is short, but who knows what is behind the click?

Using klik.li URL Shortener you are able to create customized short link that can be recognized by your visitors.

Here is an example of how it might look like. Let’s take once again the link about ” how human-generated short URLs” ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/URL_shortening ), convert it using klik.li shortener, and let’s name the extension as “Wikipedia”…and wa-lah, the short link will become: https://klik.li/wikipedia  – much more trustworthy, isn’t it?

2. Use short links on posters and banners you create

Let’s say we want to post an advertising image on Instagram, and as we know Instagram doesn’t like spamming using links. That’s why everyone is able to add only one link in bio.

Yes, we can mention in the comment that link is in bio, but it will work only for one post. Because the second time, once you want to share a link, you’ll have to replace the URL in the bio section with the new one and the previous link will be gone. Accordingly, new followers who will scroll your history couldn’t find the link anymore.

The solution could be adding a customized short link on the banner itself. Here’s an example:

instagram uber free ride short link
Feel free to use Uber Promo Code to get your first ride 5 EUR off. Simply Copy + Paste promo link: https://klik.li/uber and follow the link instructions.

By the way, this shortened link about “Getting 5 EUR Off Your First Uber Ride” is real and you can use it if you haven’t connected with this amazing service jet. The promo code itself is: pavelt70ue

PS. Please bear in mind that Instagram Image Size is 1080px by 1080px . In case you need, here you can read more about “The Social Media Image Size Guide For 2018”. Or simply click on the short link: https://klik.li/sizeguide

3. Use URL Shortener while sending out text messaging campaigns

As you might already know, the standard length for text messages is 160 characters. The maximum length of a text message might be up to 918 characters. However, if the text message is more than 160 characters then the message will be separated into parts of 153 characters before being sent out. And let’s be honest, nobody likes to read long text messages, only if it’s not a cute poem from a lovely one or the message from the bank that the account received a deposit with many numbers in it. That is why it’s a good idea to be as clear and short as possible (sadly I haven’t been so) when sending out your text messages.

But how could you track the real engagement of the text messaging campaign if you don’t include any links into the message? Just keep your fingers crossed and hoping that the sales numbers will fly high? Maybe…but it would be more enjoyable to see what is happening when you can control the process. That’s why we recommend to include short links in your text messages. Using short and customized URLs allows your customers to get easy access to your offers. At the same time, you can track who, how and when visited your page via a shortened link.

short link, url shortener
Example of how short link might look like in the text message using klik.li URL Shortener.

4. Use short URLs for limited time offer campaigns

Every experienced Marketing Manager knows that the limited time offer is a powerful marketing tool to use. Setting up a time limit for your campaigns gives you the possibility to call your customer to the action. Simply giving them a reward or discount if they Sign-Up, Share, Purchase etc in the limited time frame might help to grow your sales. But most important here is to stay honest and to keep your word, if it was said that its the limited time offer, then it has to be so.

short links, limited time offer, marketing
Create short links and set the expiration time so you can control you limited time offers.

It’s an exciting way to attract attention and to raise your sales. Setting up a time limit for the shortened links you share gives you more control over your campaign. Plus Klik.li link analytics will help you to analyze the result, so you can always improve your Marketing Strategies and reach better goals.

Feel free to register, so you can create a short link that will expire whenever you like: https://klik.li/register

5. Use customized short links on your outside banners

By adding a customized short link on the outside banner you’ll give your customers at least a chance to follow you on the internet. Your clients can receive additional info and you’ll receive the chance to call them to action.

Here is a funny (not for both of them) outside banner example. If the Emily could create a short link and place it there, she could receive a more massive amount of shares and clicks all over the internet.

short link, shortened link, customized url, customized links

You can read more about this story by searching “Steven Emily banner” or simply by clicking the short link: https://klik.li/stevenemily

6. Share them on a one-time landing page

For example, a customized short link is a good idea when you want to send your family members a wedding invitation and don’t want to create a separate website with the custom domain, but still want to make it as personalized as possible with minimum cost.

Here is a lovely example of the wedding landing page, where Sophia & Daniel are counting days and hours before their Wedding Day: https://klik.li/sophiadaniel

customized short link, landing page

This feature is useful for all who need or might need the personalized landing page with a customized short link, both – for personal and corporate needs.

7. Use short links for sharing locations from Google Maps

Short links are useful when you share the location of your business such as a restaurant, pub, cafe etc. Or just want to share the 360 created image and would like to share it with others? URL Shortener will make it easier and trackable.

Here is an example of the 360 Street View of the View Platform in Tallinn Old Town, created and shared by Lorenzo Vitale:


8. Short customized links could be used on prints, such as flyers and banners.

Let’s imagine Jack has created an offline marketing campaign and is sharing vouchers with potential customers who are walking through the way in front of his pizzeria. What if they don’t have time to pop-in now, but they would be glad to order delivery later, but his original domain name is thebestpizzainthetown.co.uk ? – Hard to read and takes time to type. The solution can be: simply creating a short link, and printing it on the flyer.

Here is an example of the short and customized link: klik.li/pizza

Probably everyone likes a pizza, so why don’t you use a short link to make it easier for everyone to get a slice?

https://klik.li/pizza – The link created for the example will bring you to the pizza restaurant called Dodo Pizza. If You like You can read more about Dodo Pizza in Foursquare.

9. Short links are Ideal for international companies

Your company is international and you have to create different campaigns for several regions? Lucky you. How do you manage and separate your campaigns?

In case if you have different pages for different countries then using klik.li URL Shortener you are able to redirect users to your customized page using the same URL. Simply choose the country and enter the URL.

Also, it’s possible to create campaigns where people from the US will see one offer and customers from the UK another.

10. Share short links in social media using splash pages

Share your pages using Splash and use it on Social Media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WeChat and many more.

Short link splash allows you to customize how people will see the shared link on Social.

Once well prepared you are able to share information with your friends/customers/audience. They will see the most important description even without clicking on the link.

Here is an example of a customized splash page:

Short link, URL Shortener
Example of the Splash Page created using klik.li URL Shortener

Simply try to share the following link in Social or via the messenger.


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