Best URL shorteners to generate short links in 2019

the best url shorteners of 2019

This article contains the best URL shorteners that will cope well with generating long URLs into short links, thus making your links more attractive to customers.


Feel free to use our free and premium features for shortening long URLs into short links. Link Managment Features allows the following options:

  • Use your own custom alias
  • Password Protect your links
  • Control the link expiration time
  • Make Use of Device Targeting
  • Shorten Multiple Links at Once
  • Export Short URLs

You can start for free and upgrade later if more features needed – No credit card required.

Feel free to register here:


Functional URL cutter with fast redirect and detailed statistics. Also, easy to create simple and short links. In our list of the best URL shorteners, we have placed in the second place, because we like their powerful link management system and the features they offer for creating short links.


Link shortener created by Brazilian company Insite. The service will please with detailed URL statistics, as well as the ability to specify a name for the short link and even create shortened URL using your own domain name.


One of the most known URL shortener. They are mostly focused on enterprise solutions, but offering free features for all customer as well, such as basic short link analytics. In many ” the best URL shortening services ” lists has been placed in the first place, and to be honest they work hard and very well to be on top.

5. Tiny URL

Truly can be considered as the oldest and one of the first popular URL shortening service, launched in 2002. Related to the information on their page, TinyURL is shortening over a billion long URLs into short links and serving billions of redirects per month.


This service from the social media managing platform named Hootsuite. It has free and paid plans. Looks good, but to start using URL shortener and being able to create short links you have to sign up first.


Simple and clear URL shortening service. Allows creating short links without signing up. Also, you can simply receive the link analytics by clicking: “log statistics for this link”


Another popular URL shortening service. You can create and track the short link statistics for free.


Simple and well-named URL shortening service. Beautiful short link name, but unfortunately doesn’t allow tracking shortened link statistics. 


Also, another useful and well-built up URL shortening service with plenty features, such as Branded URL, Full Page Interstitial Ads, Link Analytics, UTM, Meta, Tracking, Optimized Design, Integration, and certainly full 24/7 Support .

Hopefully, that list of the best URL shorteners will help you with creating and managing short links.

In case if you need the opposite – long URL, feel free to try:

That’s how they describe themselves on their page: “Our patented URL-extending algorithm uses a sweet combination of attractive scientists, AI, data science and Blockchain technology to generate the longest URLs in the world.”

By the way, did you know that: the max URL length in Internet Explorer is 2,083 characters. So, with long URL makers, you definitely have a chance to take most of it.

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