How to shorten a URL using a link shortener

how to shorten a URL

How to shorten a URL – is a very hot topic nowadays. Sometimes the links that you want to share can become too long. That is bad because it would not fit in to a twitter post or a text message. You simply can lose opportunities for sales and new customers.  For these cases, people have invented the URL shortener. A URL Shortener is a tool that converts your long link into a shorter one.

In this article, we will explain how to shorten any URL in 3 easy steps.

What Is a URL Shortener?

A URL shortener is a great tool to make a long URL (Uniform Resource Locator) shorter. URL shortening service is an online tool (or service) that allows you to provide a long link to a specific webpage, obtain a shorter link, share it in social networks and track the clicks made.

How Does a URL Shortener Work?

A URL shortener works because of a function called a “Redirect” (URL redirection). So the new link (the short URL) redirects people to the old link (your long URL).  When you enter a link to your browser, this actually sends an HTTPS command to the URL Shortener server directing it to get the information and transfer you to the requested web page.

Step 1: Copy the link that you need to be shortened

You can shorten a URL, no matter how long and complex it is. Simply highlight the link in from your internet browser or a text document and copy it to the clipboard by pressing Ctrl + C on your keyboard (Command + C for Mac).

Step 2: Visit the URL Shortener site link shortening service allows you to shorten a URL quickly and free of charge. Additionally, you can set a password and an expiration date to your shortened URL.

Step 3: Paste your long link into the URL Shortener field

Place the cursor in the text field on the website and paste the copied URL. You can paste by pressing Ctrl + V on your keyboard. (Command + V for Macs).
shorten links using url shortener
Click Shorten and you will receive a link like this:

How to shorten a URL using the advanced features of URL shortener

  • Password protect your links – if you are wondering how to shorten a URL, it might be useful for you also to protect your links from unwanted visitors and only give access to the people you want to. This is absolutely possible with URL shortener.
  • Set expiration date – in case of a time-limited campaign, it would be wise to set an expiration date for your links, so that they would become inaccessible at the specific date.
  • Create custom aliases – in order to add branding aspect to your links, you can create custom aliases for your campaign and share these custom branded shortened URLs with your customers.
    For example –
  • Descriptions – when you are managing hundreds of shortened URLs it is wise to set a description for them to make your short links easily identifiable. This feature is also supported by the URL shortener.
  • Tracking clicks – when your promotional campaign is sent out, you can relax and monitor which locations and devices your shortened URLs are being clicked from. This gives you a lot of insight into your customers’ behavior and habits.

Hopefully, you have found an answer to the question ‘How to shorten a URL?’ in this article.