Short links vs. long URLs – 7 reasons why to use a URL shortener

7 reasons to shorten long urls into short links

Today receiving and sharing information for Personal and Corporate needs becomes faster and more important than never ever before. Hence URL Shortener makes this process easier and better for everyone.

Here are the 7 reasons why it´s a good idea to use short links when sharing URL´s over the Internet.

1. Too long links with weird looking symbols take too much space. URL Shortener makes it short and eye-catching. Using Short Links is like a good tone of voice.

Nowadays it´s important to realize that more and more people are posting and sharing info in Social Media, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and many more. Let’s be honest, long links including strange symbols take too much space and look weird. However, Twitter allows only 140 characters in a message. Facebook recommends keeping your Instagram posts at 125 characters. You can simply forward more info using less space using URL Shortener and you will save space on the users’ screens that use mobile.

Here is an example of how long URL link could be shortened into a tiny and pretty URL:

First, let’s take a look at the long URL:

And here is a result of the shortened link using URL Shortener:

2. URL Customization (branded short links)

In the meantime URL Customization allows creating a trustworthy link including your personal or corporate name rather than random combinations that looks weird and spammy. In this case here is an example of how could you change strange and long URL into the Shortened and Customized URL link.

Let’s use the same image link that we used in the previous point and customize it using URL Shortener, as a result, we can see this:

Long URL:

Shortened and Customized URL: – definitely a better short link.

3. Manage and Track the Stats of short links you have shared.

Likewise URL Shortening Service allows you to collect and manage the statistics of all short links you have created and published. You can monitor location, which device was used and many more click data, as a result, that helps you to analyze and create more successful marketing campaigns. 

4. Control how long your Shortened Link could be reached online

Among previous points, URL Shortening Service allows you to set an expiration date to disable the URL after an exact date. This feature is good for a limited time offers and campaigns that you share using short links with your customers all over the Social Media Channels.

5. Share your link privately with members only, using the Password Protection.

By adding a password, you can restrict the access for third parties, so only members with the password can access the information you have shared through short links.

As an illustration here is an example:

This short link will bring you to the blog page, but as a result, you can access it only by using the password: ” klikli ”   – Try to see how it works.

6. Manage all created and shared links from one place.

Additionally, You can manage all shared URLs from one place. First, you can see the full list of long and shortened links, second click data such as a history of clicks from short links you have created. Therefore, it saves time and gives a clear overview.

7. URL Customized Splash Pages

Also, you can add a banner and an avatar along with a message to your short link to represent your brand or company and become more noticeable to your clients. As a result, a splash page will attract more attention when you share your link in Social Media.

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